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 12 inch rainbow

I just love fly fishing. It's not about catching huge fish but rather the pure enjoyment of fishing. The art and the thrill of the dryfly bite!

This fine Rainbow smashed a large caddis fly in a fast riffle. The fight was on in the fast current and a few jumps to put a smile on my face. A quick pose and back off to the river bottom to sulk.

More excellent memories of fly fishing in cool, clear waters made possible by really great local Conservation Orginizations. Support your local chapter, get envolved, make a difference!

14 inch rainbow

If you see illegal stream modification or any poachers on the river at any time, please report it, call 1-877-TIPS-MNR ,

or call 1-877-847-7667 or Crime Stoppers !

Remember the # and use it !!
14 inch Rainbow Trout

Fishing while at the stream with the warm sun on your neck can't be beat.

I managed to fool this beauty twice in 6 days! Shown here is the second time. Proof Catch and Release WORKS!

What great fun!

A quick picture and a gentle release, in wet grass with minimal skin to skin contact. Try to be gentle on the jaw!

#10 Black Beadhead Wooly Bugger, debarbed.

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Practice and teach conservation yourself. Pass it on!       

At FORTUNESPOONS I make awesome glow spoons and fling little flies at little trout .
_Ask me about Fly Fishing Or send me pics and articles to post online. Picture hosting available.

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Awesome Natural Brookie!

Natural Ontario Brook Trout

This gorgeous native southern Ontario brookie was caught on a Hendrickson dry fly at the bottom of small riffle, behind a big rock. It's one of my favorite spots!

I try really hard to avoid skin contact with trout of all sizes. Hands and nets are dirty and can contaminate the slime. Best to leave them in the shallow water. Made a very interesting picture too!

All Brookies SHOULD be immediately released, untouched wherever possible. These are still natural in our waters!. Please do all you can do to preserve the youngsters and the lunkers.

Handle with care!

I use single barbless flies even when not required by law. The BIG Char need all the help we can give them. When I hook more than 1, I consider myself blessed! Still hoping for that 18"er, even though I've come close.  3 times now same fish, 0/3 but smiling!

Rainbow Trout Smolt

A nice little Rainbow caught on a dryfly!

Caddis emerger strikes again. This Super Bright Smolt indicates good stream health. Hope to get another go with this beauty in 3 years or so.

This Rainbow was gently released in the water, not netted and touched only a little bit. Try your best to release your fish in the best possible condition.  No gills, no dry hands, minimum skin to skin contact, barbless hooks avoid the net and keep them breathing in the water. Release for future returns!

Rainbow Trout Smolt

The smolt Rainbows cant resist the Parachute Hendricksons either.

On a Parachute

This awesome Brookie took a Parachute Hendrickson Emerger.

I had to pose this fish!!!  Not too harsh in the wet greass. Always best to release untouched whenever possible. Handle with care!

When the hatch is on the trout are willing to thrill, and they do. Any day on the river is a great day.

Catching a fish is a bonus, a few, better.

Send me your pictures of your flies or fish caught on flies and I'll post them online here or in my galleries!

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